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Get actionable insights into Solana dApps, users, perpetual futures trading data, and other emerging sectors of DeFi and NFTs.

Actionable insights for web3 natives, traders, analysts & degens.

Maximize your potential with actionable data for tokens, wallets and DeFi primitives like perps, lending & AMMs.

Program Directory

Explore any on-chain Solana program in our program directory and view key metrics like DAU, transactions and instructions.

Token Balances

View each SPL token account balance and see who the whales & top holders are.

Token Transfers

Filter and view all SPL token transfers in real-time to get a pulse on-chain token flow and trades.

Historical Data Indexing

Backfill historical anchor events for any date range to understand long term trends and gain deeper insights.

Wallet Profiles

Track the top traders, most active users, whales and smart money players in the Solana Space.

NFT Collection Stats & NFTfi

Insights & metrics for top collections and NFTfi dApps. Coming soon...
Program metrics

Observe, analyze & discover dApps.

Discover the top Solana dApps and stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive dApp directory. Our platform provides real-time insights on daily active users, transaction volume, and instructions for each dApp. With detailed information on top active users, our directory is your go-to source for analyzing and investing in the most promising Solana dApps.

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in-depth perps

Trade with the best insights

Find actionable alpha with our Perpetual Futures analytics page. Tap into our real-time insights for open interest, trading volume, trader activity, liquidations, funding rates, and arbitrage opportunities, for the most popular Solana-based perp protocols.
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