Data Experience
for Web3

Index real-time & historical on-chain data from any Solana program directly into your database.

Flexible indexing solutions for any use case

Power dApps, analytics, insights and any other data intensive application you want to build.

Anchor Event Indexing

Index all real-time and historical events logged by anchor programs. Gain deeper insights into your favourite Solana dApps.

Accounts Indexing

Store a historical timeline of account updates. Build dashboards & analytics with our customizable indexing solution.

Token Transfers

Track each SPL token transfer executing on any Solana program. Our indexing saves transaction signatures, block times, token amounts as well as a variety of public keys.

Program Directory

Explore any on-chain Solana program in our program directory and spin up an index with just one click.

Historical Data Indexing

Backfill historical anchor events for any date range to understand long term trends and gain deeper insights.

Metaplex & Transaction Indexing

Index Metaplex and NFT collection data. Transactions coming soon.


Vybe indexes data directly into a database of your choice. You always have full control and custody of your data.
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Step 2


Find the data you need or don’t need. Enter a program ID directly or browse through our program directory to preview index-ready data for any Solana program on-chain.
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Step 3


Select a program and the type of data you need and start indexing real-time or historical data in minutes.
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What sets us apart

We abstract away the complexity of extracting and transforming on-chain data into an intuitive interface designed for builders on Solana.

Index & Query Anything

Our indexer decodes and indexes data simultaneously, making your data instantly queryable via GraphQL.

Seamless Startup

Create a team, connect your own database, and spin up your first index in minutes.

Self-Custody Data

Keep complete ownership of your data. Vybe indexes directly into your own databases.

Trusted by the best

"Clean, accurate and actionable price and market data is the lifeblood of any DeFi protocol. Not only does the team at Vybe eagerly work with customers like Jet Protocol to understand their needs, but also has a strong underlying tech-stack that makes scaling up to new sources of data easy and cost-effective."

James Moreau, Founder
Jet Protocol

“Vybe has made program performance observability extremely simple and the team and product are great to work with”

Mitch, Founder

"Vybe enables a new wave of analytics on the Solana blockchain by providing an indexed database of on-chain activity, queryable through their highly intuitive VybeQL interface. The data and product are used heavily by our team to research protocol statistics and are vital to governance teams who need actionable data and would otherwise have to build this important piece of the tech stack themselves."

Matthew Graham, CEO
Sino Global Capital

“The excitement for the future of data indexing on Solana is real. Zokyo is honored to be able to support and secure Vybe as a partner. Look forward to seeing the team continue to buidl and add more protocols to the catalog.“

Hartej Sawhney, Founder at Zokyo

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