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Our core indexing features. Perfect for data savvy analysts and small teams.

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/ 50GB per month

Access our most advanced tools, unlimited indexes and prices that scale with your data throughput; designed for data hungry teams.

Overages* apply if data throughput exceeds 50GB
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Our enterprise plan includes everything in premium plus custom pricing and tailored data solutions for your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To get started, simply select a plan and create your account. Once you've created your account, you will be prompted to create a "Team". All your invited collaborators, databases and indexes are contained within your team.

What's included in the free plan?

The free plan includes access to all the key features of Vybe's indexing, but teams are limited to 10GBs of indexed data per month. Users can increase their throughput limits by adding a payment method and enabling overage charges. Overage charges for users on the free plan are $3.45 / GB.

What are overage charges?*

Overage costs* are incurred when your data throughput (amount indexed) exceeds the included amount per month. Any real-time or standard backfill indexing will incur overages.

What are enterprise plans?

Enterprise plans are suited to teams that need extensive indexing or other data solutions. If you feel your indexing needs far exceed whats included in the premium plan, our sales team is happy to discuss custom rates. Our team can also provide custom analytics and dashboarding services.

What payment methods do you accept?

We are partnered with Stripe for a seamless payment experience. We accept all major credit cards as well as bank transfers. Check out a detailed list, here.

How is data throughput calculated?

Data throughput is the amount of data our Vybe indexer decodes and streams to your database. Users can track the amount of bytes processed by each index and database in the Vybe app. Our free plan includes 10GB throughput, while our premium plan includes 50GBs. Any additional throughput in excess will incur overage costs.

Standard VS High Speed Backfill

Standard backfill is recommended for indexing programs that have lower event and transaction throughput. Standard backfill do not incur any additional cost and usage is counted towards the included 50GB.

High speed backfill is designed for programs with high throughput and will incur an add-on cost of $100/month of historical data.

What programs can I index?

Any "index-ready" program in our program directory can be indexed with Vybe. Currently, index-ready programs only include Anchor based programs and programs with custom decoders built by our team. Index support will continually expand in our directory.