Build better dApps with better data

Vybe Network provides a comprehensive indexing solution with the goal to make your Solana data easily accessible to you and the wider Solana community.

Anchor Event Indexing

Events are special log messages created by Anchor programs where structured messages can be logged and stored directly on the blockchain within Solana transactions.

We offer indexing for Anchor events. Logged events get streamed directly into your databases, and are instantly queryable with GraphQL via the Vybe API.

Our solution gives you the flexibility to index all or specific events from a program of your choosing. Specific fields for each event type can also be selected during configuration.
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Use Cases

Market Candlesticks

Power your DEX with candlesticks built from historical trade events.

dApp Monitoring

Index and analyze event of interest like errors, oracle events, and user actions to gain insight into your protocol. 

Build Dashboards

Log historical transactions, trades, and other user activity with Anchor events to build in-depth dashboards.

Accounts Indexing

Accounts in Solana store persistent state for programs. With account indexing, you get access to a complete timeline of a program’s account states between transactions. Using Vybe, you can choose to index specific fields for your selected account or simply index the entire account.
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Use Cases

DeFi Metrics

Monitoring persistent user account balances and yield on borrow/lending protocols.

Power Your Analytics

Build analytics and dashboards of historical deposit and borrow rates or track users PnL on trading platforms.

Track User Metrics

Store, query, and summarize transactions on dApps to understand what users are doing.

Token Transfers Index

With Vybe, you can spin up a SPL token transfers index in minutes without any configuration. This index type allows you to track all token transfer instructions within any program. Get transaction signatures, amounts, block times, as well as mint, authority, and destination keys for each instruction executing on your chosen programs.
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Historical Data Indexing

Interested in historical data or specific date ranges? We're currently offering users the ability to backfill historical data for Anchor events. Like real-time indexing, you can select the program, events and fields you need and start backfilling data from a specified date or block time, directly into your database.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Vybe Indexing?

We've designed Vybe indexing to be accessible for anyone that has an interest in Solana data. Our pricing plans and functionality can accommodate and scale with a wide range of use cases. Whether your a large organization, small protocol team or an individual contributor, Vybe is here to enrich your data experience on web3!

What's coming next?

Metaplex and transactions indexing is on the horizon! In addition, we will be continually refining our indexing experience and improving our backfill functionality.

How you verify the validity of the data?

All processed data have slots and signatures associated with it, which can be validated with block explorers like Solscan and SolanaFM. In the future, we may provide auditing tools for users.

What can I build with Vybe?

We believe better data builds better dApps and the opportunities are endless! Our users have used Vybe to build internal dashboards for monitoring their dApps, powered user facing analytics for DeFi as well as build candlesticks for trading platforms.

Who has custody of the data?

You do! Before you can start indexing, you need to provision and connect your own database to Vybe. Once this is completed, the decoded and transformed data gets streamed directly into your own database. Vybe Network does not custody any user indexed data.

How is pricing calculated?

Pricing is based on two factors: the number of indexers running and the total amount of data processed in bytes (throughput). Overage rates apply to any throughput in excess of whats included with our pricing plans.

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